Music has been a central entity in Adé Herbert’s life from very early on.  Growing up in New Orleans, LA., not only did almost every house have an instrument in it, but nearly everyone knew or was related to a working musician.  In Adé’s house, music accompanied every chore, every activity and at times superseded sports (he was once pulled from football practice by his father to attend an Anthony Newley musical).  

As a young kid, his love of music was nurtured by his father, who introduced him to the smooth vocal stylings of Nat King Cole and the tight harmonies of The Mills Brothers, two qualities that he would grow to treasure.

In high school, Adé and four friends formed a vocal quintet.  Through a stint in the military, some college years and a relocation to New York City due to Hurricane Katrina, the group saw some success.  After seven years in New York, he moved to Charlotte where he performed in a local cover band and a few community theater productions.  A conversation with a friend and fellow musician prompted Adé to contact Mike, leading to collaboration and ultimately acceptance into The Hawthornes fold.

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