Cementing their place in a burgeoning Charlotte music scene, The Hawthornesare a step forward to music-retro.  Fusing imaginative, melodic hooks with sultry vocals, fiery guitar and luscious grooves, The Hawthornes color the musical winds with unmistaken character.

As 2014 brought the release of debut album “More Than Eyes Can See”, and the addition of new vocalist Adé Herbert, a stronger and more unified The Hawthornes is closing the year with great momentum while preparing for a spectacular new year!

Born out of a desire to explore a deeper sonic mission, guitarist Mike Prescott and bassist Christopher Freeman formed The Hawthornes in early 2012. Philly-born drummer & multi-instrumentalist Rob Bowser quickly joined the ensemble, providing the heartbeat for the newly-formed group.  Rounding out the quartet, Adé Herbert decorates the musical canvas with a rich, soulful performance.


Vocals / Adé Herbert
Bass / Christopher Freeman
Guitar / Mike Prescott
Drums / Rob Bowser