Christopher Freeman grew up in a family in which music was central to day-to-day life. Born in Charlotte to parents who kept hundreds of records (vinyl and 8-track), Chris learned very early on how to work the record player and would spend hours listening to the many albums that were in the house, often putting on "concerts" with brother Tim using a broom for a "guitar". From the Ohio Players, Duke Ellington, and Curtis Mayfield, to James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac, the seeds of music love were planted long before Chris picked up the trumpet in school.

His maternal grandfather (Willie Nash, Sr.) played guitar for a gospel group called Southern Jubilee in the 50's, and even though Chris had spent countless hours listening to "Papa" play guitar as he was growing up, it wasn't until seeing Pat Metheny's video for "Last Train Home" in high school that he considered taking up guitar as a primary instrument. Digging deep into the Metheny discography, Chris eventually stumbled upon "Bright Size Life" which featured the greatest bass player to ever live in the prime of his musical powers: Jaco Pastorius. The power of what the bass could do and be was obvious, and Chris' love affair with it began.

Chris' first band was the trio Ibeji, a group which played together for six years and produced the album "The Reflecting Pool". He went on to form a funk/soul outfit called Ecru Jones, then the rock/hip-hop group Still Life Static (with former members of the Xperiment and Baleen).

"When all others let you down, good music will always be around". - C. Freeman

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