There’s a maturity here that I can only suggest by way of analogy that is like being in the arms of an experienced lover — you know from that first touch that they know things and your experience is about to be amplified by that knowledge...

The Hawthornes

The Hawthornes, a quartet based in Charlotte, NC, are a widely-influenced group of musicians who have taken time to craft music that stretches to the edge of their varied styles, noting that most fans of music can find familiarity in elements of their sound.

From non-traditional rhythm patterns and bass grooves to intricate chord play and alluring melodies, The Hawthornes deliver musical experiences that delight the casual music fan and the audiophile.

The band operates in somewhat of an Omni-genre, combining the backgrounds of each individual member’s primary discipline, and marrying them in a sonic-sphere that is equal parts accessible and challenging.

Following their 2014 release of More Than Eyes Can See, The Hawthornes added vocalist Ade Herbert and began working on a new sound, exploring their musical character even further. With the band being born out of founding members Mike and Chris’ desire to explore a deeper sonic mission, The Hawthornes set their sights on a period of experimentation which culminated in the songs of this recent release.

“After joining (the band), I just kind of flirted with some old ideas I had…putting it on top of some music they’d already played around with,” says Herbert. “We had a lot of fun reworking a few things here and there, but the real magic happened during that December writing session.”

“This project will take you from sultry soul and old-school funk, to 90’s rock, hip-hop, and even some world music elements,” says Freeman. “We really never payed attention to the particular genre we were playing with, we just did what felt good.”

Summed up by Mike Prescott, “This project provides us an opportunity to add to the voice of music in this world. It’s our way of combining our individual voices and talents into a collective message that we hope will find an audience out there. It was very much a labor of love that we can’t wait to share.”