Horace has been playing drums since he could walk.  He learned by watching his dad (Horace III) play for the different churches they attended while traveling in the Army.  After his father got out of the military, Horace settled in Augusta, GA where he attended middle and high school.  Like many drummers, the church is where he started showcasing his drumming talents.  After graduating from Wake Forest University, Horace now lives in Charlotte where he plays for All Nations Church and the Hawthornes.

Growing up, jazz and gospel were the two biggest genres his father used to play when traveling to and from church services or when taking long road trips.  Fourplay is one of the favorite jazz groups and tends to bring up fond childhood memories.  Kirk Whalum, Chon, Jill Scott, Dream Theater, and Snarky Puppy are just a few of the many musical artists he loves to follow.  “I like music that engages your mind and forces you to push your limits.  I feel every drummer should be well rounded and be able to take a stab at any genre of music that’s thrown at you.”

There are several diverse musical influences that have helped cultivate Horace’s drumming style.  Clean pocket with finesse would be a good way to describe his approach.  Horace’s favorite drummers right now are Chris Coleman, Larnell Lewis, and Kaz Rodriguez.  “These drummers have some of the most musical playing styles and they all have one thing in common: clean pocket and the ability to cleanly bring out the chops if they are needed.”  Horace is a big fan of articulation on the drums and respecting the music that’s played. 

Outside of playing shows, Horace helps facilitate a local Charlotte drum program called “Drum Collab”.  This is a drummer’s mentorship program that focuses on community, spirituality, and cultivating musicality on the drums.  Like his father and bandmates, music has and will always be an integral part of Horace’s life. 

“Music leads to the essence of the soul"

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