An eclectic sound requires an eclectic approach...

A native of Winston-Salem, NC, Mike began his musical journey at the tender age of 7, singing and performing in ensembles, ultimately finding his musical voice on the guitar at 12.  Early exposure to Rock legends Led Zeppelin, KISS and The Police, balanced with Funk greats Earth Wind &Fire, provided the earliest influence - while the sounds of The Beatles and Sly & The Family Stone further shaped Mike's musical style.

Mike's guitar "voice" reflects the influences of many guitarists, among them - Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai, Kevin Eubanks, Larry Carlton, John Scofield and his earliest guitar hero - Eddie Van Halen.  With the goal of continuous development and refinement of his skillset, Mike maintains a steady rehearsal schedule, spending many hours a week "woodshedding".

Several of Mike's earliest touring bands included Rock groups Typsy Gypsy and The Pepper Club.  Soon after, Mike became a member of Blakrayn.  After several years of musical inactivity during the 2000's Mike, made the decision to rekindle his musical fire; the output of which is the band known as...

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